3 Ways Humor Helps Your Business and Social Media Popularity

Social media platforms have created an inextricably intertwined community of businesses, pages, profiles, and people who all want to engage, communicate, and gain something. In order for your business to thrive in such a community you need to excel, not only by your image and reputation, but by your spirit. What separates brands who have succeeded from those who are still lingering in midair, is their ability to become one of crowds. To connect with people on their own level. And this usually means you have to think like your followers and fans, and take your business goggles from time to time, and put a smile on.

Humor has forever been used to make people more positive, happy and to create a connection between people. And social media is no different. We know as a brand ourselves that humor drastically changes the way your followers look at you. Here’s how humor can help your business thrive!

  • Connect with Worldwide Communities

If there’s a language that all nations speak, then that language must be humor. There’s no individual who will deny a good, healthy dose of humor in their everyday life. Although, there are programs such as the Saturday Night Live who have been told to confuse humor and facts, we’ve come to realize that such a way of delivering information is much more powerful and gives you an opportunity to greater a big network, bigger than ever before. Humor connects people through society, it has continued to connect people through magazine and newspapers, and it is connecting right now through social media platforms.

  • Creates a Bridge Between the Brand and Audience

Have you ever noticed how some people who are hilarious and funny are more popular than the rest? Well, this is simply because humor serves as a bridge that we can use to connect with each other. It serves as a tool for matching our own humor and traits with others who might have the same traits as we do, which immediately creates a bond between individuals.

And why should it be different in business? Social media is all about communication, and communication is only possible if you make connections. And what better way to form a trustworthy connection than through humor?

  • It Enhances the Power of Messages

Sometimes, you have a brilliant idea, a Tweet or a Facebook status update, yet, judging by subsequent engagement, it seemed like it was the worst idea ever. Maybe, it wasn’t. Don’t give up so fast. According to a study, humorous messages are more than often received better than serious ones. So next time you think you should sound professional at all times or your audience won’t take you seriously, think again. Messages delivered in a humorous way also have the power to persuade people in certain opinions or ideas, and change the attitude of your fans drastically.


To conclude, if you use humor in your social media strategy, not only do you get to for strong bonds with your fans and other brands, you get to influence their opinion, which makes humor one of the most powerful tools out there. So don’t run away from it, use it!

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  1. taylorjewel says:

    Some great tips here that will help me optimize and improve the internet marketing footprints I leave upon the sites I tread 🙂 trying to move between freelance editing to freelance blogging and that requires learning how to boost popularity and respectabiliy (if you want to monetize it esp.). thanks!


    1. Hi Taylor!

      Thank you kindly. We are glad you find the content useful. Is there anything else you’d like to read on our blog that you would find useful. We are happy to take suggestions!

      Have a lovely day,


      Liked by 1 person

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