How to Recognize an Instagram Bot?


Everyone is rushing to get on Instagram. In fact, everyone is already there. Whether you are a brand or an advertiser, Instagram can be quite fruitful for your marketing strategy. But, in order to get all the benefits, you have to avoid a few mistakes. One of these is crucial, and it usually happens while you’re struggling to make it to the top!

Whether you’re looking to expand your network or build your Instagram profile a lot quicker, you’re susceptible to buying or getting instant likes. This is all because, you see a lot of super successful Instagram accounts, offering you the Holy Grail of Instagram, that is, thousands and thousands of followers.

What is the real story behind fake Instagram accounts?

Based on a security research, just a little below 10% of Instagram accounts aren’t run by real people. They’re actually run by computers. This is something that Instagram has been trying to get under control, with constant purging of millions and millions of fake accounts, to provide their audience with a reliable and happy experience. This is really important for marketers, who like to keep track of numbers and growth because it’s what really matters to the company or the brand.

Fake accounts can endanger your reputation because it will make you seem like you’re all about the numbers, and not about the people. So, let’s get to work and learn how to distinguish people from computers. Sounds ironic, doesn’t it?

  1. Follower vs. Following Ratio

Ever see those accounts that have no followers or only a few, but follow hundreds or thousands of people? Yes, these are Instagram bots. This isn’t a strict rule because some people are simply on Instagram to follow other brands and keep up with the news. Then again, most of the time these are fake accounts.

  1. Post Count

This one is obvious, but let’s make it clear. Fake accounts aren’t really on Instagram to post content, so it’s highly likely that you won’t see a lot of activity on their page. Each of these Instagram bots is completely distanced from true activity and communication on Instagram, and probably don’t even log into the service for quite a long time. Post count is relevant, since everyone is on Instagram primarily to build a network, and they are not going to do that by just following others without posting engaging content.

  1. Suspicious Followers

More than often we come across accounts that have a bunch of followers, and we just don’t know how. Either they don’t have content on their profile, or a bunch of photos that just don’t seem that engaging. These accounts, are probably bots, and they usually offer other profiles free followers and likes. Also, they are usually followed by the ‘’BUYFANS’’ account.

  1. Irrelevant profile photo

First of all, fake accounts don’t have realistic profile photos, if any at all. Most of the times it’s just a blank space. And this doesn’t just refer to the profile photo, but to other content as well. Other photos will seem vague and totally irrelevant.  These accounts sometimes have many followers, and at the same time follow a lot of different profiles. Now, you might think. Well, a lot of people follow lots of accounts. Sure, this is true. But these profiles have an unrealistic ratio of followers and those who they are following. Think about it, even if you had an Instagram profile for following others only, wouldn’t you at least try and put up a few personal photos, or at least a real profile photo? The fact is, every beginning is hard. But, don’t fall into the trap of buying your fame and popularity. You want your audience to like you for your ideas, and for the heart and soul of your business. If you buy fans and likes, these fake accounts may only endanger the reputation of your brand, and you definitely don’t want that.

What are your experiences with fake accounts?  Let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to hear your stories.


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