Why a Healthy Dose of Controversy Is Good for Bloggers

Controversy doesn’t necessarily revolve around showing a completely different or even ludicrous opinion, fueled by emotions, in order to start a debate where someone is going to get exposed, ridiculed or even hurt.

We like to think that there’s good and bad controversy. The good thing about adding a splash of controversy is that you can do it without actually offending anyone. Back up your opinion with 100% correct facts and present two different points of view that you think will be interesting for discussion to your readers. Taking an already viral or interesting topic is one way to go.

Now, don’t worry, it won’t destroy your brand. On the contrary. It will help your blog posts become more likeable and readable. And here’s why.

’’Low’’ Controversy Sparks Interest

We like to think that a low dose of controversy goes in favor of any blogger. Not only does it spark interest, it increases your engagement, doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings and just gets the conversation going, which automatically leads to your brand being in the spotlight.

This kind of controversy usually revolves around topics which are not sensitive and can’t hurt anyone. So, if you’re in the digital marketing business, don’t try to insult any particular niche or group of people. Make an argument around a certain way someone does things.

Our current blog post is the perfect example.

Ask people whether they are for using controversy in their blogs or not? It’s quite a safe topic to discuss, yet most bloggers will have a thing or two to say. In addition, people will have no problem discussing this issue since in no way it’s going to cross certain boundaries. Calling out isn’t going to get you anything more than a bad reputation, which will leave your blog looking more lonely than a cactus in a desert. That’s why intentionally starting a discussion whether something is good or bad, right or wrong and letting your readers decide is the safest way to get some real engagement.

It’s All About Their Opinion

People know that controversy sells, if utilized carefully and properly. But most importantly, it creates a conversation where everyone is pretty opinionated. And giving your readers a chance to give their opinion on something is a definite blogging win. If done properly and consistently, it’s a big step up in your blogging game.

Let’s also get one thing straight. We’re not suggesting writing a blog based only on controversy. Blogging to provide information and help is necessary. Don’t stop helping people. However, if you show your audience that you want to hear their opinion as well, besides the old conclusion ’’What do you think about this or that,’’ you’ll not only spark interest, but create a great connection with your readers.

Posts Go Viral

The truth is, posts that contain a certain controversy or a debate around a controversial topic usually go viral and overflow the social media.

There’s no escaping it – there’s going to be bad and good comments. As long as blog post created causes your readers to think about it and express their opinion through valid arguments and facts, you’re going to get a lot of positive attention.

It’s simple.

When we see someone participate in a conversation about a topic that you feel close to, you’re going to want to participate in that conversation too. Not only that, you’re going to want to share it so more people can see it. That’s the basics of how a post goes viral. It needs to be a little bit shocking, and move the readers to participate in the action.

You Stand Out

Internet marketers always claim that you need to stand out from the crowd. And they’re right! Controversial posts enable you to stand out by stating your opinion and standing by your choices. Nobody wants to read another ’boring’ blogger who paraphrases the facts and doesn’t want to state their opinion in order not to hurt anyone.

We have to face the truth. As a blogger, not everyone is going to like you. But trying to please everyone by always saying the ’right’ thing isn’t going to get you the clicks you want so bad. Pose a question or a dilemma, be professional, know your facts, yet come off strong and opinionated.


We want to hear from you. Are you more of a state-the-facts kind of blogger with a random joke here and there, or an opinionated leader not afraid to push a few buttons from time to time?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. taylorjewel says:

    Lots of gems on this blog! I’m definitely a state-the-facts kind of gal considering I mostly write non-fiction articles based on heavy research. But I’m looking to increase traffic to my personal blog without creating controversy, and it’s comforting to read an article talking about *different kinds* of controversial blog posts and how to blog controversially, but in the *effective* way that garners readership. Looks like I can’t avoid controversy (I def. was trying to), so I have to HARNESS the inevitable controversy to my advantage. Thanks!


    1. Thank you so much! Readers are always seeking an extra kick in what they’re reading. It’s just our human nature. We love riddles, puzzles, misteries and debates.


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