Take a Break from Social Media without Skipping a Beat

If you’re in the world of social media marketing, you’ll know that taking a day off from posting is pure luxury. In fact, it’s not even possible. Nobody can afford to risk being forgotten by fans, and the best way to stay on top of your game is to constantly post, especially when your competitors are slacking. Being able to remain active on social media every day is what will get you ahead of your competition.

However, everyone needs a break from time to time. Luckily, there are a variety of tactics that enable you to take a pro-longed weekend, and calmly relax, sipping on your coffee.

  • Single Holiday Update

Holidays are busy for everyone, whether you’re an owner of a business or not. It’s a time where not many people will be roaming around social media, so save yourself the hassle of posting several social media updates. In fact, greet your audience for the holidays in order to show that you genuinely care about something more than just your business, and leave it at that. Give people a chance to share their holiday spirit with you!

  • Schedule Based on Availability

And what we mean by this is schedule when you feel like you’ll have the time to interact with your audience. What’s the point of pushing content out there, for people to see and engage with it if you’re not going to be able to engage back? Now, this doesn’t give you an excuse not to post when you’re feeling lazy. You should still post frequently, but don’t overdo it with scheduling if you don’t have the time to talk to your fans.

  • Post on the Weekends

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? And how is this going to help your campaign? Don’t worry, contrary to your belief it will. As we’ve mentioned above, a lot of your competitors are idle during the weekends, but you shouldn’t let this happen. Even if you have the time to schedule only one post per social media platform on Saturday and Sunday, it’s still worth more than posting nothing. And if you really want to score some extra brownie points, why not be charming and humorous and make their weekend better by posting funny videos or memes for that matter.

  • Schedule from One Platform

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could save time by posting on one social media and it simply refers that post to all of your other pages? Well, of course, you can. Facebook, as well as a bunch of other online tools, let you do that. Just create a single post, and let the rest of it happen on its own. Apart from Facebook, there are tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck to help you cut down on your scheduling time, and increase your relaxing time!

Have you got any of your own tips for saving time? If you do, make sure to share with us. Sharing is caring, remember?

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