Avoid the “Fools” This April First!

Happy Saturday, All! We always posting Marketing Tips for your business but on the first month of April we wanted to remind everyone not to be “Fooled” by so called marketing companies. How can you achieve this? Ask for their credentials.

So many people/companies claim to be professionals in digital marketing and sales but don’t have the right tools to even have their name out there so how are they going to get your name out there? If you are thinking of hiring a company, ask them for recommendations from other clients they’ve worked with and not just online, actual phone numbers so you can verify, ask about certifications (which they should have if they are an expert), and finally pay attention to their eagerness to get you on as a client.

Is it passion or desperation? Make sure they are conducting themselves as professionals at all times. At  Internet Marketing Footprints  we take pride in our work and repuation but most importantly, providing premier services to our clients.

We are official partners of Google and Microsoft, we are also Google AdWords certified, and have actual clients (past and present) who are ready to recommend our services from small business owners to celebrity figures with several testimonials on LinkedIn. I write that to say, I’m not just giving advice but living my word. Make smart business decisions, people. Cheers!

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