Final quarter of Federal Fiscal Year? Time to make moves that count.

The goal of an organizational selection process is to add people to the organization (fill positions) who will benefit the organization. Likewise, a secondary goal must be to keep out any people who will harm the organization. Another component of this involves assessing and differentiating applicants based on how much they can help (assessing qualifications and future potential). Any selection process also needs to be reliable and fair.

When you select an employee, you are simply offering a prediction that this person selected will be successful as an employee and they will help your company. Furthermore, in any case where we need to identify current employees that are not helping the organization, there must be a valid mechanism in place for identifying and then removing these employees. So, why do we get this wrong so often?

You’ll find that the success of almost any organization is highly correlated with the efficiency and effectiveness of its selection and retention processes.

Are you hiring the wrong people most of the time? I know your first thought is not about hiring the right people but being able to hire an effective staff. We have the solution, start by hiring people who will make you the money to hire a great team!

Take advantage of this final quarter by contracting grant writers, technology gurus, and experts on business development. This can be three different people or one reputable company that can take care of all three.

Remember, you are your biggest investor. If you are not willing to invest everything into making your company a success then you’re not ready to truly OWN a business.

How are you making moves today to ensure your 2018 goes off without a hitch?

For more information, feel free to reach out to Internet Marketing Footprints for a consultation. You can also find us on Facebook or email us at

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